Friday, August 27, 2010

liquid laundry soap... super cheap!

i made this video awhile ago but wanted to share it w/ you.

ingredients: (you can find everything @ wal-mart)
5.5 oz heavy duty laundry bar soap
2 cups arm & hammer WASHING soda
2 cups borax (laundry booster)
cheese grater (don't be scared, it's just soap)
5 gal. bucket
old detergent dispenser
stock pot

this roughly costs $2.50 for 5 gallons of soap! HUGE savings!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

adding bling to my keys

so i got this Old chandelier from my grandma that i LOVE. but i had to fix it up a bit. it was gold, so i spray painted it bronz. also there were missing jewels, so i rearranged them to even them out.

now i have ended up w/ leftovers. so i thought i would add a keychain to bling up my keys.

LOVE IT! so vintage.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

printing on canvas @ home

this is way fun & EASY. i found this idea somewhere online, but i can't remember where. i was so excited because i have been interested in printing on fabric for a long time.

all you need is...
fabric (something thin like cotton, this will be going through your printer)
adhesive glue spray ( i used craft bond)
ink jet printer
artwork or a photo on you computer

deciding what to print was the hardest part for me. i found my art print on the website they have several prints to download for FREE. then i added my last name and the year i was married to personalize it. now take your cardstock and spray one whole side with craft bond. make sure to get the corners. then quickly place it on your fabric.

cut the fabric to be the same size as the paper. make sure there are no frayed edges (your printer will not be happy if there is)

now place your fabric/cardstock in your ink jet printer. FABRIC SIDE DOWN.

when it comes out peel the fabric off the cardstock

and there it is! i added "life is a Journey" sticker, heart stamp, and pink fabric rosettes. i love it.