Wednesday, April 27, 2011


it's time to use coupons and get FREE stuff.  
i started couponing just a few weeks ago. these are just a few examples of what i have gotten for FREE!

  • 36 1lb bags of pasta
  • 9 boxes of reach floss
  • 2 nivea body washes
  • 2 mustards
  • 2  neutrogena chapsticks
  • 2 propel bottles
  • 2 sting cheese sticks
  • 1 suave deodorant 
  • 1 cleaning powder comet 
  • 1 frank's red hot sauce

besides all the free stuff, i have gotten tons of stuff 80%-90% off. it takes patience, but the more you try the better you become. i'm still in the trying process, but it's working. I'm getting stuff super cheap and FREE! there's a blog that i love and it helps so much. it is an AZ gal that does it. it's called:

this is a guide for most couponers.

Heath & Beauty
toothbrush: FREE- .25
deodorant: FREE- .25
shampoo/conditioner: .50-$1 at most!
toothpaste: FREE
body wash/soap: varies, but most around $1 no more than that.
soap: FREE-.25 a bar 
pantiliners: FREE- .50 ea
shaving cream: $1 to buy, .50 or less is a stock up price
disposable razors: FREE- .50
razors, such as fusion or venus: $1.99 or less
mouthwash: $1 or less
detergent: i make my own... but $1.50 or less
toilet paper: .01 sq foot
aluminum foil: .75 or less

pasta: FREE
cereal: .50 box or less
canned veggies: .25 can or less
canned tomatoes: .50 can or less
pasta sauce: .50 or less
butter, true sticks: 1.50 or less
whipped butter or margarine: FREE
granola bars: .50 ea. or less
fruit snacks: .50 box or less

i am now off to fry's to get more FREE stuff: 1 pack of free gummy bears, 1 zone bar, 2 crest toothpastes, and 5 reach toothbrushes. this is great for my year supply. ALSO, i wanted to mention that i get 1 sunday paper only. i like that i'm only paying for one because i don't feel that i have to stay on top of couponing to make my moneys worth for lots of papers. i'm learning at my own pace, and 1 paper allows me to get several things for free. lots of times you'll stack a manufacture coupon w/ a store coupon to get the item free. don't be scared, try it!
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Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is what i got for easter from my hubby. Marissa named the baby duck PATITO! it's spanish for little duck.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

anndreya's SWEET 16

sweet 16

i helped my little sister make her dvd invites for her birthday. this was a so much fun doing and wanted to share it w/ all of you.


so youtube gave me 10 songs to choose from and this was the best i could get.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


all of big b’s trucks

here is the first truck burton has ever owned. he bought this before i ever knew him. he loves this truck. he has been holding onto it for years, even though he has NOT driven it in years.

i took this picture 2 days ago. this definitely shows that its been sitting for awhile.

burton currently drives this truck. this is the truck that he put a cummins engine in, all by himself. it's his pride and joy. (plus it makes him feel like a man).

mazda.b2200 (1982)
this truck was bought just for the engine. he can't go long w/out having a truck project to work on. this engine will go in the truck you see below.

mazda.b2200 (1988)
the new engine will go in this truck. burton wants this to be the primary truck he drives, since gas prices are going up. we will still keep the f250 for things like camping and hauling stuff.

gmc. c20 (1967-1972)
this is his dream truck right now. any old chevy that falls in the year range. apparently it's been his dream truck for the last five years or so. i asked "why didn't you buy it along time ago?" he says "i don't know." i say "well you bought your f250." burton says "that's different."

welp the moral of all this is... we are going to own alot of different trucks in this marriage.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

ruffled headband

my favorite headband to wear

i finally took the time to make a ruffed headband and i LOVE it.

STEP 1: cut out a circle piece of felt. mine is about 1 1/2 in. (you can make it bigger or smaller).
STEP 2: cut out 20-30 circles from the fabric of your choice. i used cotton to give it a messy frayed look. my circles are about 1 in and again you can make them bigger or smaller.
STEP 3: take one circle and fold it in half.
STEP 4: fold it in half again.
STEP 5: now hot glue the triangle tip to the center of your felt.
repeat steps 3-5 several times.

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glazing... again

shabby chic dinning set
vintage solid oak set transformed. 4ft. wide x 6ft. long. the middle leaf can be taken out to make it 4ft wide x 4ft long. for SALE: $300

this time i DID prime it. the wood was soaking in my spray paint.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

bookcase transformation

my 1st attempt @ glazing

i first saw how glazing totally transforms furniture from the blog "all things thrifty." it gives a great a rustic look and it is SO easy to do. you CAN'T mess up.

this item is for SALE: $175

1ft 4in deep, 2ft 6in wide, 6ft 7 in tall



STEP 1: first i spray painted the bookcase aqua (you can use kiltz to prime before you paint, but i thought the aqua was bright enough and the wood was taking the paint easily. so i decided to not prime it.)

STEP 2: i brushed on the glaze, working one part of the bookcase at a time. make sure to get the glaze into all the cracks. i would let the glaze sit for about 1 min., then wiped it off w/ a damp cloth. you don't have to rush, the glaze will wiped off. (hint: when buying glaze look in the oops section @ home depot to see if there is any there. that's where i got mine for $3 instead of $15.) i tinted mine ebony. any dark brown or black works.

here are more pics of "before and after"

STEP 3: i spray painted my hinges and knobs a dark bronze.

i am so happy with the way it turned out!

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