Monday, February 28, 2011



these suckers are HILARIOUS! i think b also likes smooching.

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home depot

i need not 1... but 7 gift cards

this was a gift me and b gave to ourselves. woo hoo! we have many projects around the house we want to finish and having this many should cover it. i LOVE free money from using your credit card. it just makes me laugh having a stack of home depot gift cards.

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believe jars

i believe...

for the bigger rosette i used 6x6 in. paper. for the smaller rosette's i used 4x4 in. paper
i like using all different prints w/ the same color scheme.
cut a swirl pattern w/ 1/2in.-1in. thickness in between. (no not measure it can be messy)
to add a pedal look i cut round bumps.
then i rolled all the edges in ink to distress it.
now start rolling all the way fairly tight. then let go. (trust me, drop it on the table)
add hot glue to the very center and press the rosette in place.
"i believe..." jars are for yw's. every sunday we will have the girls write down what they believe from the lesson. then at the end of the year they will have a little testimony in the jar.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

new beginnings

d once upon a time d

my mom and i decorated for our yw new beginnings. it was a story tale/princess theme.

our happily ever after story begins at the temple so we thought it would be fun to make a silhouette of the salt lake temple (the temple that looks most like a castle) out of plastic table cloths.

then we added a swing hung from the basketball backboard.

we decided to go with the color aqua. our last meeting we used the color pink and wanted to mix it up a bit. (plus aqua is my favorite color)

here is our makeshift carriage. we already had wagon wheel and painted them white. the actual carriage is make from wire used to lay block. (found @ home depot) we painted it white and added ribbon and light to it. the chair in the center is one we previously had.

this is our "once upon a time... happily ever after" book

we were visited by a "princess" who spoke to us as she sat on the swing. she told us a hilarious story called "rindercella." hopefully we can all stay on the straight and narrow path so our happily ever after doesn't get all jumbled up!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m going with the color Cornbread

(martha stewart has great paint names)

this is the bedroom

the sitting area next to the kitchen

cupboards above the dinning area

here are the kitchen cupboards. i love chocolate brown.

this is the bathroom (burton is completely changing the layout to make more room). i'm gonna choose a different color of paint for in here.

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