Wednesday, April 27, 2011


it's time to use coupons and get FREE stuff.  
i started couponing just a few weeks ago. these are just a few examples of what i have gotten for FREE!

  • 36 1lb bags of pasta
  • 9 boxes of reach floss
  • 2 nivea body washes
  • 2 mustards
  • 2  neutrogena chapsticks
  • 2 propel bottles
  • 2 sting cheese sticks
  • 1 suave deodorant 
  • 1 cleaning powder comet 
  • 1 frank's red hot sauce

besides all the free stuff, i have gotten tons of stuff 80%-90% off. it takes patience, but the more you try the better you become. i'm still in the trying process, but it's working. I'm getting stuff super cheap and FREE! there's a blog that i love and it helps so much. it is an AZ gal that does it. it's called:

this is a guide for most couponers.

Heath & Beauty
toothbrush: FREE- .25
deodorant: FREE- .25
shampoo/conditioner: .50-$1 at most!
toothpaste: FREE
body wash/soap: varies, but most around $1 no more than that.
soap: FREE-.25 a bar 
pantiliners: FREE- .50 ea
shaving cream: $1 to buy, .50 or less is a stock up price
disposable razors: FREE- .50
razors, such as fusion or venus: $1.99 or less
mouthwash: $1 or less
detergent: i make my own... but $1.50 or less
toilet paper: .01 sq foot
aluminum foil: .75 or less

pasta: FREE
cereal: .50 box or less
canned veggies: .25 can or less
canned tomatoes: .50 can or less
pasta sauce: .50 or less
butter, true sticks: 1.50 or less
whipped butter or margarine: FREE
granola bars: .50 ea. or less
fruit snacks: .50 box or less

i am now off to fry's to get more FREE stuff: 1 pack of free gummy bears, 1 zone bar, 2 crest toothpastes, and 5 reach toothbrushes. this is great for my year supply. ALSO, i wanted to mention that i get 1 sunday paper only. i like that i'm only paying for one because i don't feel that i have to stay on top of couponing to make my moneys worth for lots of papers. i'm learning at my own pace, and 1 paper allows me to get several things for free. lots of times you'll stack a manufacture coupon w/ a store coupon to get the item free. don't be scared, try it!
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