Saturday, March 5, 2011

bookcase transformation

my 1st attempt @ glazing

i first saw how glazing totally transforms furniture from the blog "all things thrifty." it gives a great a rustic look and it is SO easy to do. you CAN'T mess up.

this item is for SALE: $175

1ft 4in deep, 2ft 6in wide, 6ft 7 in tall



STEP 1: first i spray painted the bookcase aqua (you can use kiltz to prime before you paint, but i thought the aqua was bright enough and the wood was taking the paint easily. so i decided to not prime it.)

STEP 2: i brushed on the glaze, working one part of the bookcase at a time. make sure to get the glaze into all the cracks. i would let the glaze sit for about 1 min., then wiped it off w/ a damp cloth. you don't have to rush, the glaze will wiped off. (hint: when buying glaze look in the oops section @ home depot to see if there is any there. that's where i got mine for $3 instead of $15.) i tinted mine ebony. any dark brown or black works.

here are more pics of "before and after"

STEP 3: i spray painted my hinges and knobs a dark bronze.

i am so happy with the way it turned out!

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