Sunday, March 20, 2011


all of big b’s trucks

here is the first truck burton has ever owned. he bought this before i ever knew him. he loves this truck. he has been holding onto it for years, even though he has NOT driven it in years.

i took this picture 2 days ago. this definitely shows that its been sitting for awhile.

burton currently drives this truck. this is the truck that he put a cummins engine in, all by himself. it's his pride and joy. (plus it makes him feel like a man).

mazda.b2200 (1982)
this truck was bought just for the engine. he can't go long w/out having a truck project to work on. this engine will go in the truck you see below.

mazda.b2200 (1988)
the new engine will go in this truck. burton wants this to be the primary truck he drives, since gas prices are going up. we will still keep the f250 for things like camping and hauling stuff.

gmc. c20 (1967-1972)
this is his dream truck right now. any old chevy that falls in the year range. apparently it's been his dream truck for the last five years or so. i asked "why didn't you buy it along time ago?" he says "i don't know." i say "well you bought your f250." burton says "that's different."

welp the moral of all this is... we are going to own alot of different trucks in this marriage.

F emmbur F